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Coaching with Cristine

Cristine delivers individualized career, leadership and executive coaching in person and remotely on self-awareness, goal setting, changing habits and more.


"I think your coaching makes MY coaching and direction significantly more effective." Brenda Frank, former CEO, Yankee Farm Credit

"I wanted to thank you for the pivotal role you have been playing in my personal development the last couple of years. You have been offering me invaluable help in my continuous quest to grow as a person, a leader and a communication trainer and coach. Your kind, caring and respectful approach and your wealth of knowledge and coaching skills make you a gift to anyone who wants to develop." ~ Debbie Coetzee-Lachmann, PhD, Communication trainer and coach, Germany

"I was at a point in my career where I didn't know I needed a coach. An acquaintance suggested coaching and gave me contact information for a couple of people who I called and met with. I immediately connected with Cristine. I find her to kind, gentle and authentic in her work. She shares personal stories and experiences that show growth in her own life and career journey. I see Cristine as a lifelong learner. Her individual approach to each client and team is so welcome and appreciated. I feel valued and empowered through my work with Cristine!   ~ Lisa

"Cristine is very open, honest and authentic. I loved the strategic and efficient way of working on complex issues aside from a good amount of humour. She‘s an endless source of strategies and knowledge and an interesting, smart and caring person." ~ Bärbel Freiermuth

"Cristine is an expert in picking up work habits/patterns and working within your strengths to help you succeed. I wouldn't have the same academic success I have had this semester without her." ~ Melanie

"Cristine helped me navigate conflicts in both my academic and personal life. Her encouragement pushed me to better advocate for my needs. I appreciate that there was reciprocal candidness between us. Cristine helped me better utilize the organizational tools I was already employing to meet my self-directed goals, with considerably less anxiety."  ~ Nicolle

Team Development

Cristine tailors sessions to your needs, and your budget. Current clients in three countries are from non-profit, corporate, public and private sectors.


"You know this table talk is not my sought after event for a good time. So tired of 'lists' and flip charts in my time, but you turned that upside down. I actually have takeaways to use immediately (blind spot). I wish I had met you 20 years ago!"

"Oh boy, where to start?!? So thankful for the coaching you've provided our your sense of humor and the easy way you connect with us all."

"Your ability to adapt to so many personalities is truly remarkable!"

"I value Cristine for her humor but mostly for her insight and ability to help me grow as an individual. She helped me discover so much about myself."

"Cristine's facilitation style is perfect for the team. She kept everyone engaged and involved in the session."

"Cristine is an excellent facilitator. I'm appreciative how she tailored the material to our team."

"I value Cristine for asking the hard questions and waiting for me to answer them. Thank you for helping me look inside myself and discover what I can be and how I can make that happen."

“Cristine was able to adapt very well to each team member. I've never enjoyed a workshop as much as the workshop led by Cristine. It was just one day but I learned so much about the team and myself."              


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Leadership Training

Key topics include: strategic planning, emotional intelligence, coaching and mentoring, navigating or leading change, diversity and inclusion, and leadership.


"Cristine is an amazing facilitator. She gave us a lot of opportunity to do actual exercises that relate to work. This is so far the best course I have every taken and this is my second certificate."

Cristine is a fantastic coach & facilitator. Loved her course and will take back so many new ideas and implement them with people I encounter at work. Thanks so much!"

"Cristine is very knowledgeable and has a calming presence. She has a balanced approach to work/life."

"So far Cristine has been the best part of the program! Hugely helpful, clearly applicable, very engaging."

"Thank you so much for the re-awakening & reminding us of this area of our life/work! I really appreciate the personal stories you shared, and the time/space you gave us to think, pair, share and declare!"

"Instructor was my favourite so far. A lot of interaction."

"I believe Cristine is the reason I enjoyed this course so much. She is a great facilitator and adapted to our unit's need perfectly. Plus I love and relate to her sense of humour."

"Cristine created a vulnerable space and made things very safe. The points discussed were applicable and fabulous."

"The course offered the opportunity for self-evaluation and reflection as well as learning about others and the skills to apply back to the workplace. It also gave me insight into self management and improvement which is cross-beneficial to life and work."