Cristine is certified to administer the following psychometric assessments:

• EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 (emotional intelligence)

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Step I and II

• Change Style Indicator


Career coaching

Leadership coaching

Executive coaching

Leadership training

Team and board development

Succession planning and strategy

Team and corporate culture

Customized Leadership Training

Coaching with Cristine

Strategic Planning

Team Tune-Ups

Academic Strategies

What's on the menu? 

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Mindset Matters: open and positive mindsets drive productive leadership behaviours

What Lurks Below the Waterline: exploring how unconscious biases can get in your way

Right to the Core: how core values influence our day-to-day ways of being 

Positive psychology: how to focus on your strengths to be your best self

Better Decisions, Faster: four approaches to enhance your decision-making

Shift Happens: helping people adapt during transitions and embrace change

The C.L.E.A.R. Approach to Foster Trust in Teams

Diversity matters: putting the ‘us’ in Incl(us)ion

Leader vs Manager: the great debate

One Size Does Not Fit All - 5 different ways to lead people

Dare to Disagree: helping leaders to manage conflict more effectively

EI or EQ: what’s the difference and what does it mean for leaders in education?

EI Starts with ME: self awareness to develop your emotional intelligence

From Me to We: using EI to improve your relationships

Emotional Literacy: the ABCs of emotional awareness and emotional expression

I Am Stuck: managing emotional reactions when you can’t see the path forward

Personal goal setting: focus on the HOW

Manage your energy, not your time, for best results

Cristine Saxon, MA

 Certified Leadership Coach (CLC)

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