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Cristine Saxon, MA, ACC, CLC

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"I was at a point in my career where I didn't know I needed a coach. An acquaintance suggested coaching and gave me contact information for a couple of people who I called and met with. I immediately connected with Cristine. I find her to be kind, gentle and authentic in her work. She shares stories and experience that show growth in her own life and career journey. Her individual approach to each client and team is so welcome and appreciated. I feel valued and empowered through my work with Cristine!"

Lisa, Senior Director

Executive leadership coaching

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"I think your coaching makes MY coaching and direction significantly more effective."

Brenda Frank, Executive Vice President

Farm Credit Banking Group, CoBank

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"Cristine provided me with the encouragement and coaching I needed to pursue the VP position I now hold. Cristine has the unique ability to help others see their potential and reach their purpose, vision and goals. Her coaching ability positively influences, impacted and transformed my life."

Kendra, Vice President

Career coaching

"I'll never forget the immediate relief I felt when Cristine answered my unexpected phone call. I had just been let go from a startup that I had dedicated four years of my life to building from the ground up. The last time I had applied for a job with a resume was for my high school summer job nearly 20 years ago. However, Cristine became more than just a fairy job mother to me; she became a mentor who helped me navigate the emotional and spiritual challenges of one of the most difficult transitions I've ever faced.

Initially, I reached out to Cristine for assistance with reviewing my resume and cover letter, but I received so much more than that. She guided me through what she referred to as 'Project Sarah,' which helped me stay true to my deepest core value: integrity. With Cristine's unwavering support, I managed to secure a new position at another startup within a mere two weeks of being let go. The work we did together extended far beyond resume reviews and interview preparations. She helped me heal and transform into the next version of myself that was desperately seeking to emerge.

I have now been a part of my new team for over a year, and I have already been promoted twice, earning more than double my previous salary. Furthermore, I have achieved a work-life balance that surpasses any I have experienced in the past, all while maintaining my integrity. Regardless of where you find yourself on your own journey, you will not be led astray by Cristine Saxon."

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"Cristine is an amazing facilitator. She gave us a lot of opportunity to do actual exercises that relate to work. This is so far the best course I've ever taken, and this is my second certificate."

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Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina

Leadership classes, workshops and webinars

In-person and remote

Instructor, Leadership Development Program

Farm Credit East

Co-founder and instructor, EmpowHer Leadership Program

University of Osnabrück

Instructor, Professional Leadership Certificate

Instructor, Advanced Leadership Certificate

University of Regina

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"Cristine is an excellent facilitator. I appreciate how she tailored the material to our team." Sabine Jösting,

Head of the Equal Opportunities Office

University of Osnabrück

"Cristine did a fantastic job facilitating my 2-day team meeting focusing on employee experience. She made the group so comfortable sharing their experiences and to be better teammates as we continue our journey."

Sean Svoboda, National Sales Manager

CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

Female leadership development

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Year 1 - Leading by Coaching and Mentoring

Year 2 - Leading with Strengths

Year 3 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Year 4 - Leading through Change and Transition

Year 5 - Leading through Conflicts

Year 6 - My Leadership Action Plan


Certified Leadership Coach

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