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"I think your coaching makes MY coaching ​and direction significantly more effective."

Brenda Frank, Executive Vice President

Farm Credit Banking Group, CoBank

corporate and private clients.


Leadership and team development

Executive leadership coaching

~ US national farm credit system

Co-founder and instructor, empowHer Leadership Program

~ University of Osnabrück, Germany

Instructor, Professional Leadership Certificate

Instructor, Advanced Leadership Certificate

~ University of Regina, Canada

heartfelt testimonials.

"Cristine did a fantastic job facilitating my 2-day ​team meeting focusing on employee ​experience. She made the group so ​comfortable sharing their experiences and to ​be better teammates as we continue our ​journey."

Sean Svoboda, National Sales Manager

CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

“Cristine provided me with the encouragement and coaching I ​needed to pursue the VP position I now hold.

Cristine has the unique ability to help others see their potential ​and reach their goals. Her coaching ability positively influenced, ​impacted and transformed my life.”

Kendra, vice president

satisfied clients.

Cristine became more than just a fairy job mother to me; she became a mentor who helped me navigate the ​emotional and spiritual challenges of one of the most difficult transitions I've ever faced. Initially, I reached out to ​Cristine for assistance with reviewing my resume and cover letter, but I received so much more than that. She guided ​me through what she referred to as 'Project Sarah,' which helped me stay true to my deepest core value: integrity. ​With Cristine's unwavering support, I managed to secure a new position at another startup within a mere two ​weeks of being let go. The work we did together extended far beyond resume reviews and interview preparations. ​She helped me heal and transform into the next version of myself that was desperately seeking to emerge.

I have now been a part of my new team for over a year, and I have already been promoted twice, earning more than ​double my previous salary. Furthermore, I have achieved a work-life balance that surpasses any I have experienced in ​the past, all while maintaining my integrity. Regardless of where you find yourself on your own journey,

you will not be led astray by Cristine Saxon."

crossing thresholds.

three-phase retreat experience.




As a mid-career executive, I have taken several executive education classes and workshops ​but what made Cristine’s Crossing Thresholds unique was the responsiveness she brought ​to the specific thresholds our group was exploring. She combined scientific research with ​practical tools but she also held the structure lightly and pivoted to the needs and interests ​of the participants. She was able to draw connections in how and why we all were facing ​diverse decisions, yet showed us the universal nature of what and how we were facing ​things. By doing this, she built a community of support among the participants; and the ​shared learning that resulted is what made this program stand out. I highly recommend ​this life-changing experience. Maura Collins, Executive Director of Vermont Housing ​Finance Agency

I was nervous at first to open up to the ​small group of women gathered for the ​two-day workshop. Cristine so expertly set ​a foundation of mutual respect and trust ​that it felt easy to open up and share, ​and I learned from what others bravely ​shared as well. Jackie, Tech Specialist in ​Higher Ed.

The impact of this workshop extends far beyond the immediate setting. It has ignited a ​positive shift in my mindset, influencing my daily choices and actions. I now navigate my ​personal and professional life with a newfound clarity and purpose. Lynne Manley

...the retreat was magical and life-changing for me. The dedicated time, space and energy were important first ingredients. After that ​Cristine was both the most important and least important ingredient, like any good coach. By this I mean she guided us to create a ​safe space, provided important tools and insights and brought her balanced nervous system to the space, but in the end it was the ​vulnerability shown by and the support given and accepted by the other participants that was the magic. We had the opportunity to ​see and be seen and valued in a deep way. It helped me know that everything I need for a deeply satisfying and successful life is already ​within me, my friendships and my community. Deborah Governale, emergency department physician

As excited as I was to attend the retreat, it exceeded my expectations on every level. Cristine served our group like a sherpa; creating ​safety as we navigated through challenging terrain and sharing tools and resources that allowed us to explore with confidence and ​savor the journey together. Cristine was essential to creating the experience while simultaneously allowing the experience to evolve ​organically at the pace and intensity of the group. It wasn’t until leaving the retreat that I realized my time there was about much more ​than navigating a career change. My life has been a series of thresholds crossed with varying degrees of intentionality and grace. While I ​have leapt eagerly across some without so much as a glance over my shoulder, others have felt like I was swept, dragged, or tripped ​across. Working through my current threshold with Cristine’s guidance combined with the support and wisdom of an amazing group ​of women helped me learn how to choose my threshold and step with confidence knowing it will not be my last. Deb F.

Cristine is a gifted facilitator, educator and coach. I left the Crossing Thresholds Retreat feeling energized and grateful, connected ​to myself and the others, and ready to move forward knowing that I would continue to have Cristine in my corner. It was such a ​privilege to attend this retreat. It was a growthful and unforgettable experience. I can't recommend it highly enough. Nina Goldman


Certified Leadership Coach

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