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"I think your coaching makes MY coaching ​and direction significantly more effective."

Brenda Frank, Executive Vice President

Farm Credit Banking Group, CoBank

corporate and private clients.


Leadership and team development

Executive leadership coaching

US national farm credit system

Co-founder and instructor, empowHer Leadership Program

University of Osnabrück, Germany

Instructor, Professional Leadership Certificate

Instructor, Advanced Leadership Certificate

University of Regina, Canada

heartfelt testimonials.

"Cristine did a fantastic job facilitating ​my 2-day team meeting focusing on ​employee experience. She made the ​group so comfortable sharing their ​experiences and to be better teammates ​as we continue our journey."

Sean Svoboda, National Sales Manager

CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

“Cristine provided me with the encouragement and ​coaching I needed to pursue the VP position I now ​hold.

Cristine has the unique ability to help others see their ​potential and reach their goals.

Her coaching ability positively influenced, impacted ​and transformed my life.”

Kendra, vice president

happy clients.

"I'll never forget the immediate relief I felt when Cristine answered my unexpected ​phone call.

I had just been let go from a startup that I had dedicated four years of my life to building ​from the ground up. The last time I had applied for a job with a resume was for my high ​school summer job nearly 20 years ago. However, Cristine became more than just a ​fairy job mother to me; she became a mentor who helped me navigate the emotional ​and spiritual challenges of one of the most difficult transitions I've ever faced.

Initially, I reached out to Cristine for assistance with reviewing my resume and cover ​letter, but I received so much more than that. She guided me through what she referred ​to as 'Project Sarah,' which helped me stay true to my deepest core value: integrity. ​With Cristine's unwavering support, I managed to secure a new position at another ​startup within a mere two weeks of being let go. The work we did together extended ​far beyond resume reviews and interview preparations. She helped me heal and ​transform into the next version of myself that was desperately seeking to emerge.

I have now been a part of my new team for over a year, and I have already been ​promoted twice, earning more than double my previous salary. Furthermore, I have ​achieved a work-life balance that surpasses any I have experienced in the past, all while ​maintaining my integrity.

Regardless of where you find yourself on your own journey,

you will not be led astray by Cristine Saxon."

just launched in 2023.

crossing thresholds.

three-phase retreat experience.




Crossing Thresholds was an amazing experience for me as I work on transitioning careers. Cristine so skillfully helped ​me identify my values and wove them into conversations. This helped to see how one career path wasn't working for ​me. I was nervous at first to open up to the small group of women gathered for the two-day workshop. Cristine so ​expertly set a foundation of mutual respect and trust that it felt easy to open up and share, and I learned from what ​others bravely shared as well.

Jackie, Tech Specialist in Higher Ed.

As a mid-career executive, I have taken several executive education classes and workshops but what made Cristine’s ​Crossing Thresholds unique was the responsiveness she brought to the specific thresholds our group was exploring. She ​combined scientific research with practical tools but she also held the structure lightly and pivoted to the needs and ​interests of the participants. She was able to draw connections in how and why we all were facing diverse decisions, yet ​showed us the universal nature of what and how we were facing things. By doing this, she built a community of support ​among the participants; and the shared learning that resulted is what made this program stand out. I highly recommend ​this life-changing experience.

Maura Collins, Executive Director of Vermont Housing Finance Agency

I don’t mean to be dramatic but the retreat was magical and life-changing for me. The dedicated time, space and energy ​were important first ingredients. After that Cristine was both the most important and least important ingredient, like any ​good coach. By this I mean she guided us to create a safe space, provided important tools and insights and brought her ​balanced nervous system to the space, but in the end it was the vulnerability shown by and the support given and ​accepted by the other participants that was the magic. We had the opportunity to see and be seen and valued in a deep ​way. It helped me know that everything I need for a deeply satisfying and successful life is already within me, my ​friendships and my community.

Deborah Governale, emergency department physician

I recently had the transformative experience of participating in Cristine Saxon's Crossing Thresholds retreat, an ​interactive experience which centered around defining my values and setting meaningful goals aligned with them. The ​workshop provided a safe and supportive space for introspection, allowing me to delve deep into what truly matters to ​me. Through insightful exercises and guided reflections, I gained an understanding of my core values. The impact of this ​workshop extends far beyond the immediate setting. It has ignited a positive shift in my mindset, influencing my daily ​choices and actions. I now navigate my personal and professional life with a newfound clarity and purpose. I highly ​recommend this workshop to anyone seeking to align their goals with their values and embark on a journey of self-​discovery and fulfillment.

Lynne Manley

I am thrilled to write a testimonial for Cristine Saxon and her Crossing Thresholds Retreat.

Cristine lead a two day Crossing Thresholds Retreat in my home in May 2023 for six women.

From the first pre-retreat correspondence to the final goodbye, you knew that you were going

to have a life-changing experience. Every aspect of the retreat was professionally constructed and even in a ​group setting, Cristine has the uncanny ability to deeply listen and be responsive to each and every person in the ​room. She helped us to navigate the path to making positive change and provided multiple useful tools and ​techniques that we could start using and implementing immediately. Cristine is a gifted facilitator, educator and ​coach. I left the Crossing Thresholds Retreat feeling energized and grateful, connected to myself and the others, ​and ready to move forward knowing that I would continue to have Cristine in my corner. It was such a privilege ​to attend this retreat. It was a growthful and unforgettable experience. I can't recommend is highly enough. ​Thank you, Cristine!

Nina Goldman

When I first received an invitation to join a Crossing Thresholds retreat, I was grappling with the need to make a career ​change. I craved space to contemplate what was most important to me and how I would create conditions for those ​things to be present in my next career move. I replied instantly to accept the invitation and commented that it was as if ​someone had read my mind and curated an experience specifically for me in this moment of my life. As excited as I was ​to attend the retreat, it exceeded my expectations on every level. Cristine served our group like a sherpa; creating ​safety as we navigated through challenging terrain and sharing tools and resources that allowed us to explore with ​confidence and savor the journey together. Cristine was essential to creating the experience while simultaneously ​allowing the experience to evolve organically at the pace and intensity of the group. It wasn’t until leaving the retreat ​that I realized my time there was about much more than navigating a career change. My life has been a series of ​thresholds crossed with varying degrees of intentionality and grace. While I have leapt eagerly across some without so ​much as a glance over my shoulder, others have felt like I was swept, dragged, or tripped across. Working through my ​current threshold with Cristine’s guidance combined with the support and wisdom of an amazing group of women ​helped me learn how to choose my threshold and step with confidence knowing it will not be my last.

Deb F.


Certified Leadership Coach

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